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National/Local AIHA Membership Benefits


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Benefits of National/Local AIHA Membership:


Professional Advancement


Professional advancement and credibility were cited by a majority of current AIHA members in a recent survey as their reasons for joining the association. They realize that belonging to AIHA is a credential in itself, indicating that they are part of a network of professionals.  Members are offered a multitude of informational and educational opportunities to keep them at the cutting edge of the profession.  Industrial Hygiene is a changing profession in a changing world and AIHA programs are designed to give members the tools they need to achieve continued success.



Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH)

The JOEH has been the primary source of information for professionals working in occupational and environmental health for more than 53 years. As the international authority for industrial hygienists and allied professionals, the JOEH is the leader in presenting the latest scientific research concerning hazards in the modern workplace each month.


The Synergist

Published monthly, The Synergist is the best source for industrial hygiene professionals to keep up with the latest developments on issues that concern them the most.


AIHA Technical Publications

AIHA publishes an extensive library of high quality books and guides designed to assist the occupational and environmental health and safety professionals in keeping abreast of current technologies and developments. Enjoy considerable savings as an AIHA member. The Publications and Information Catalog is sent to all members.



The American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exhibition

AIHA cosponsors the annual AIHCE, the largest and most comprehensive international conference for occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. Significant discounts on conference registration fees are available to members.



Year round all over the country, AIHA offers quality educational instruction at introductory and advanced levels. All AIHA seminars present in-depth, practical, and timely information on the latest advancements in industrial hygiene. Members receive substantial discounts on all AIHA seminars. AIHA also offers on-site seminars, custom designed to meet the
specific educational needs of a particular company.


Self-Study Courses, Videos, and Software

A variety of these resources have been designed specifically with members' occupational health and safety needs in mind.



Local Sections

AIHA's 76 local sections, situated throughout the world, are the backbone of the association. Those who choose to join a local section have the opportunity to build local contacts and benefit and grow from the diversity of social and educational programs that a local section can offer.

Additional benefits of local section membership include:

AIHA Technical Committees


The technical challenges facing industrial hygienists are discussed, examined, and debated by AIHA's technical committees. These committees allow members to be a part of the action as they recommend future strategies, produce publications, establish standards and guidelines, testify on Capitol Hill, develop training seminars, and generate the technical program for the annual conference. Members may also accumulate certification maintenance points earned from committee participation.

Employment Services


AIHA's Employment Services assists professionals in exploring career options. Every month AIHA issues a bulletin to subscribers that features a nationwide listing of positions available at all levels. Employers save money by letting AIHA assist them in hiring competent professionals.

Who's Who In Industrial Hygiene


AIHA's directory of members and leaders puts the entire list of colleagues within reach. The AIHA Board of Directors, technical committee members, local section officers, and organizational members are also included to complete your professional network.



AIHA's government affairs staff tracks all congressional activity on occupational and environmental health and safety issues. With input from members and others, AIHA technical committees develop positions and recommendations on legislative and regulatory issues. These responses are then communicated to Congress and federal legislators on your behalf.  Through AIHA's legislative and regulatory monitoring service, local sections are kept abreast of all activity during their state's legislative session.

Public Relations


The public needs to know about issues in industrial hygiene and AIHA maintains an active program of communicating with the news media in an effort to provide information and create an accurate public understanding of the role of industrial hygienists.




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