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National/Local AIHA Membership Benefits


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Join the Philadelphia Section AIHA Today!

There are three ways to join the Philadelphia Section AIHA:

  1. Pay with National AIHA dues: National AIHA members can add Philadelphia Local Section membership dues when renewing their annual AIHA national membership (please remember: Local Section dues are not automatically added to your National AIHA dues payment).

    New members can click here to visit the National AIHA membership portal; existing members can add a Local Section dues payment when you receive your annual renewal notice from AIHA.

  2. Pay on-line: you can pay your dues via PayPal.  Click here to visit our web page, where you will find a link to PayPal, which can be used to pay your dues via credit card.  After paying, please fill out and email/mail your membership/renewal application. 

  3. Pay by mail: you can pay your dues via check.  Click here to visit our web page, where you can fill out and print a membership/renewal application.  Mail the form, along with your payment, to the address on the form.

Benefits of Philadelphia Section AIHA Membership

Philadelphia Local Section members have access to many professional growth and educational opportunities.  Members at all stages of their careers will benefit from professional networking at our meetings and events as well as the many educational programs that our Local Section offers.

The benefits of your Philadelphia Section AIHA membership include:

  1. The opportunity to network with local industrial hygienists and other health and safety professionals;

  2. Regionally-based training, professional meetings, seminars, and courses with coverage of relevant and recent topics in industrial hygiene;

  3. Local Section members receive discounted meeting fees for most meetings;

  4. Access to the Philadelphia Local Section’s AIHA e-Learning Program subscription, providing on-line courses covering the hottest topics and issues affecting the IH/OEHS profession.  Philadelphia Local Section members can potentially save over $1000 on continuing education credits by participating in this program;

  5. News and information on regional consulting and/or industrial hygiene employment opportunities;

  6. Relevant discussions and collaborative debates about workplace health and safety issues within our region; and

  7. The opportunity to get directly involved in the future direction of your professional association, the Philadelphia Section AIHA, by joining or working with our Local Section Board and Directors.

Benefits of National AIHA Membership:

AIHA is the national association for scientists and professionals committed to preserving and ensuring occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) in the workplace and community.  Click here to learn more about the value of national membership.

A summary of AIHA’s benefits demonstrates the value of membership in a number of areas relevant to professional growth and success:

Community and Connections:  Access to the collective knowledge of OEHS experts worldwide, both in-person and through Catalyst, AIHA’s online community.

Communication and Resources: Be the first to get the latest news, resources, and in-depth articles in the profession.  Highlights include access to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH), a subscription to the Synergist, and discounts on AIHA’s extensive library of high-quality books and guides for OEHS professionals.  AIHA also issues a bulletin to subscribers that features a nationwide listing of positions available at all levels.

Education and Events:  Learn and network all at once through a combination of in-person and virtual events, as well as e-learning opportunities.  Highlights include the annual AIHce conference and the on-demand and e-learning libraries.

Leadership and Volunteerism:  Multiple opportunities in both traditional volunteering and micro-volunteering capacities.  The technical challenges facing industrial hygienists are discussed, examined, and debated by AIHA's 48+ technical and professional committees.

Advocacy & Government Affairs:  AIHA offers all members the opportunity to make a difference through an active role in the Government Relations Action Center and the ACTION Working Group.

Student & Early Career Professionals:  Students and Early Career professionals can benefit from of AIHA’s online job board (CareerAdvantage), the mentoring program, professional development committees and scholarships.  There is also a student poster session at the annual AIHce!

Specialty Benefits:  AIHA also offers a detailed consultants listing, professional liability insurance, Distinguished Lecturer Program, salary compensation tool, and other benefits to members.





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